Introduction from Gert Crum about: Champagne, ‘The future uncorked’

”The motto of this book is very simple: with champagne it is not a question of luxury, it is a matter of taste.”

Until recently, the life of a champagne enthusiast was easier. If there was a stressful choice to be made, it was in deciding whether to go for the Impérial Brut from Moët & Chandon or the Carte Jaune Brut from Veuve Clicquot-Ponsardin: they are two very different champagnes, but at least there was an easy overview.

Nowadays the champagne scene is considerably wider, more layered, more mobile and more exciting. But it is therefore also harder to fathom. Or perhaps we should say that it is just all the more fascinating?​

Of course, there is still only one appellation for almost the entire 35,000 hectares that encompass the production area for champagne.

Nevertheless, the range of champagnes on offer in the 21st century has grown a huge amount, and it has made choosing more difficult, but also more interesting.

It means that you have to know some of the ins and outs. ‘Champagne – The Future Uncorked’ can guide you in understanding how the area is structured and the nature of the wine we know as champagne[…]’

It gave, and still gives me, great pleasure to discover truly beautiful champagnes and share my tasting notes and champagne secrets. Thats why we have published an iBook next to the prestigious hardcover. This iBook will be updated regularly with all kind of new finds, notes, details and secrets.

Periodically I will keep you informed with blogs like this … but honestly, wouldn’t you like to have it all?

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Gert Crum.